Writing bulk SMS content! Here are few things you must know

3Bulk SMS marketing is a great and effective way to connect with your audience, existing or new targeted one directly. A most beneficial property of text messaging is it allows you to connect in an instant way with your customers in seconds with their mobile phones that they always carry with themselves. What makes messaging a most appropriate way to update your customers about anything from offers to new launches is almost all the individual now days are carrying mobile with themselves they have or don’t have any access of internet on the same but they do have a text messaging option inbuilt. Either they carry a multimedia set or a simple set. Texting is something which almost all the people use to send and receive information’s. Sending anything directly on the audience mobile through texting is far much better than sending it to their mail boxes where they hardly read it.

If you are planning to incorporate bulk SMS marketing in your marketing campaign, follow below mentioned tips to retrieve most from this campaign.

Rules to structure your content well:

  • All though you don’t have much space to write a whole description about you and your services try to pick words wisely use such strong words that can explain message in a proper way.
  • It’s always good to be wise, use abbreviations instead of its long forms but don’t use too much of them it makes your text pushy and it becomes hard for readers to read.
  • All the text and the way of approach should be very formal.
  • Unlike different marketing channels, Bulk SMS doesn’t have options to send images but your text will surely create an image in audience mind.
  • It is very important to mention your contact details and company name very clearly. Usually its format is like the text will start with a greeting or company name and end with thank you and contact details.

These are few golden rules to write a text content for bulk SMS campaign, just follow the mentioned tips and enjoy great returns on your marketing investments.

Author: Anand Kewaliya

Co-Founder of InfoDreamz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & India SMS, Anand Kewaliya is a hardcore technocrat from Nagpur, India. Having his organization’s mettle in web-based services and Bulk SMS, he strongly believes that this is an era of globalization where instant mode of communication rules the roost. Instant messaging is the need of the hour and this advent of technology has made it possible. Advocating the need for bulk SMS, he will impart a great deal of knowledge to everyone and anyone who wants to explore more into this genre.

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