SMS marketing – Leverage to restaurateurs

It is not a secret that mobile users are increasing by every passing day across the globe; almost all the mobile phone users are hyper-connected and hyper-engage themselves. in sending SMS via mobile phone for enquires, booking or simply to communicate with each other. SMS is a gateway which is not only useful for individuals but it can help the business owners in lots of ways to connect, communicate, brand building among their customers. Here is this write-up we will focus on hospitality industry, how they can use SMS, what are the benefits and why using SMS becomes a necessity for restaurant and hotel owners. Many hoteliers & restaurateurs simply unaware about the vast possibilities they can discover via SMS. Let’s explore it in the below section:

Types of SMS marketing:

Basically there are two types of SMS marketing which is useful for restaurants:

Promotional: Restaurateurs and hoteliers can use promotional SMS for sending offers, discounts on random mobile numbers which generate customers.

Transactional: Such kind of messages can only be send to those people who themselves share their contact details to your hotel or restaurant database. You can send them personal greetings to give them a personalize touch. You can also send special discount coupon code to your existing customers through this service.

Top ways to re-connect with customers who visited once:

After attracting a customer to visit your restaurant once, what can you do that s/he will visit again to your place; follow the following points to do so;

Ask for contact details:

Now days most of the restaurant and hotels, ask for the feedbacks in written from their customers. They simply give a short printed form in which few things are mentioned to rate along with all, they ask for contact details in the same which increase their database. After getting their mobile number you should send a text along with their name and a thanks greeting for visiting to your restaurant it will give them a pleasing feel.

Don’t stop contacting them:

Send festival greetings on their mobile number through SMS along with the information about recent discounts running at your restaurant. This develops an urge in them to visit your place again.

Update about the most recent activity:

Every restaurant and hotel throws bash on festivals and other special days. Update your customers about what you are going to give them on these special days. Share discount rates, special menus, celebrity participation and other special thing you are planning to offer. This will give people a strong reason to visit your place instead of others.

SMS can drive numerous customers to your restaurant, just use it in a proper and organize way to enjoy the benefits.

Author: Anand Kewaliya