Looking to promote your business? What’s best than a text

‘Text messaging’ is not only limited to chat among buddies now it’s something which act as an powerful tool for marketing that is helpful for both small and high scale business. As a fact that cell phone users are very much engaged in SMS messaging as compared to other marketing avenues such as social media, email marketing etc. Maximum rate of opening and delivering makes SMS marketing to hold the top position among the rest promotional ways.

Still, business owners hesitate to accept SMS marketing as promotional tool and deny adopting it. However, it’s a fact that SMS marketing is the cheapest, easiest and economical way of promotion.

Reasons why you should consider SMS marketing are split into 3 major parts mentioned as follows:

1. How it can drive business

A simple way to get success results in marketing is to tap more audience and deliver the right message from your side. With this you can easily blast the market and grab more and more customers for your brand, offers and launches etc. Instead of spending too much bucks it’s better to use promotional SMS techniques to promote your business.

2. Engaging audience

Messaging can easily engage audience, as usually message arrives on customers mobile in few minutes and most of them will be read in next half an hour after receipt. As compared to email marketing SMS marketing is far much effective, the reason behind this is normally customer’s mail box is flooded with so many spam and promotional mails so if your marketing mail goes to their inbox it doesn’t make any difference to them and chances of opening that particular mail is approx to 2-3% only. This phenomenon directly shows that it’s a smart deal to pick promotional SMS marketing. It is economical and benefits the business owners as well.

3. Quick

As compared to e-mail marketing which is bulky and lengthy and as per today’s scenario nobody has time to read that much long stuff to update them for any offer or services comparatively SMS marketing contains SMS that are short and simple and on point so audience can easily understand it by reading entirely you can add a link of your website at the end which brings customers directly to your website which will drive more business for you surely.

Apart from this following are the key reasons to choose promotional bulk SMS

  • Useful for the promotional activities.
  • Sender id will be like e.g. LM-234516, digits will be random system generated number.
  • No documents required for activation of account.
  • Push massage between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Massage will not delivered on DND numbers.
  • DND massages will not be charged and they will be refund in 48 hours.

Promotional messages can boost your sale beyond your expectations.

Author: Anand Kewaliya