Drive Sales with Bulk SMS Messages

Today, there are different ways to promote services and products such as social media, radio and print media. However, not all of them are as effective as the bulk short media service that reaches the target customers more effectively and quickly. With this kind of advertising, about 90 percent of messages are read by customers.

At the same time, they have a much higher response rate than other mobile marketing strategies such as email. Bulk SMS messages are very effective and allow a company to communicate with thousands of clients at the same time. There are several ways that bulk SMS messages can increase sales for a business.

Helps Companies Easily Command the Attention of their Audience

When a business sends a bulk SMS, client phones will indicate that they have received a text message. Very few people can resist the urge to check their phone when they have received a text. With this, companies are most certain to gain the attention of their audience.

Helps Delivers the Most Important Message Concisely and Briefly

Bulk SMS helps companies to keep their message to the point and concise. Many people expect an SMS message to be brief without any additional information or filler. Due to this, a bulk SMS message cannot be ignored unlike the following.

  • Internet advertisements can be ignored when browsing to another website.
  • A radio ad will not be given the attention it deserves when people change stations.
  • TV advertisements can be avoided by switching channels.
  • Newspaper advertisements can be missed by simply flipping the page.
  • An email message can be deleted without the user opening it let alone reading it.

At the same time, companies are spared from providing thorough details about what is happening. Instead, they will be able to give their customers the most important facts about what they want to happen. They can send bulk text messages about a specific problem that is happening and provide them with a directive about how to solve this without the need to go into detail. It also allows them to spend less time on customer service and answering questions.

Helps Avert Crisis or Danger

Due to the speed of bulk SMS, it is possible to avert business crisis or danger. Sending out this kind of important information efficiently and quickly can help companies minimize the effects that a particular situation may cause. It is also one of the main reasons why government agencies and schools already utilize this type of messaging system and why many companies have begun to use the same technology.

Helps Companies Personalize Their Message

People and companies who have been in the marketing field know that a personalized marketing approach outperforms mass marketing every time. This is possible through the use of bulk SMS messages. With this marketing strategy, companies help market to their prospects on a more personal level. All they need is their phone numbers and names.

Helps Refer Prospects to the Company’s Website

With bulk SMS messaging, companies are given the capability to increase online traffic to their website. This in turn helps get much higher rankings on Yahoo!, Google and other search engines. At the same time, it helps them promote and sell their services and products more effectively. They can also offer their customers free things when they visit their websites to make conversions more effective.

Helps Companies Follow-up With Their Prospects

A Study conducted by the National Sales Executive Association showed the following results.

  • Only two percent of sales are made on the first contact.
  • About 80 percent of sales are achieved on the fifth to 12th contact.

With the use of bulk SMS, these results can be enhanced. This is because Bulk SMS allows a business to personalize and automate their marketing follow-up more professionally so that businesses can maximize income.

With the widespread use of mobile phones around the world, SMS messaging has become an indispensable part of a business marketing strategy. At the same time, a bulk SMS marketing approach provides businesses more creative ways to promote their business in an effective and affordable way.

Author: Anand Kewaliya