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RBI makes “SMS alerts for cheques mandatory”

RBI took another step towards secure banking. As the cases of fraud transaction is increasing day by day RBI said in a circular to all banks to make it mendatory to send SMS on every deposit and withdrawal of cheques. Instead of just taking it as a process banks should be alert for cheque transactions…Continue reading “RBI makes “SMS alerts for cheques mandatory” “ »

A big NAY to ‘Text Speaks’

A big NAY to ‘Text Speaks’

In our previous blogs we have discussed a lot on how Bulk SMS marketing is beneficial to drive leads, profits and customers to your business. We also explained in an acme way about how to write SMS for campaigns. Here in this write-up I will explain in a fuzzy way how text speaks disfigure your…Continue reading “A big NAY to ‘Text Speaks’ “ »

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