A big NAY to ‘Text Speaks’

In our previous blogs we have discussed a lot on how Bulk SMS marketing is beneficial to drive leads, profits and customers to your business. We also explained in an acme way about how to write SMS for campaigns. Here in this write-up I will explain in a fuzzy way how text speaks disfigure your organizations or brands public image among your audience. Text messaging is a common way to interact with peoples via phone. According to different surveys it has been clear that texting is the most preferred way to communicate because it is the easiest and fastest way to approach in seconds while doing anything among social etiquette. Marketing strategist tab this fact and implement this in brand marketing which results a big hit for business marketing.

Why ‘NAY’ to text speaks

After evaluating all the facts lets centralized our discussion to the impact of using text speak in promotional SMS. Let’s get familiar with the term ‘Text Speak’ in celerity way. Well in messaging now day’s people created so many informal abbreviations to write less but adopting these tactics while sending promotional SMS can ruin your company’s image. The key reason behind this is you can’t predict what your audience will penetrate with your massage, informal abbreviations creates too many meanings, it will vary from age groups to sex and professions so it will create confusion in readers mind and there is no one presents there to act as decipher for them.

Some examples of informal abbreviations used in text speaks

  • 10Q used to say thank you
  • 1CE for once
  • 4 to say for
  • 1DR to say wonder

They are just few examples and the list is continue to so on and on, what is necessary to understand from these is how can you educate your audience with content that contain confusing text in it. Just because the text limit is affix and you have to complete your gist in that, don’t put such ideas that directly zap the image of your brand because the main nub is to notify targeted audience about your brand.

Smart way to avoid text speaks

Because the text limits are embed, the smart way to convert spun out message into the limits by   adopting proper way of abbreviations a formal ones. Like for familiar objects use TV, LCD, or use USA, UAE instead of writing full name of country such abbreviations are common and well known among peoples and the meaning immediately strike into their minds so the message will hit the point of what it exactly means.

Note:Instead of going with the market wave be smart to figure out the correct way to approach and educate folks about your products and services. A right approach may entail deep-dyed analysis and loads of input but at the end gives optimum results.

Author: Anand Kewaliya