3 Major Ways Text Messaging will Increase Revenue for Restaurants

Due to the increasing growth of mobile channels across the globe, SMS marketing becomes a key component that plays an important role in the camp of digital marketing strategies.It is well-known that SMS is efficient and fast, which makes it a convenient way to communicate promptly. Every industry is practicing this service in different ways to gain profit and trust. Moreover hotel industry is emerging itself more and more to use SMS solutions for communicating with customers and to attract new ones. Most of restaurant owners are unfamiliar with the practices for leveraging SMS channels due to this many restaurateurs are missing out the wide possibility to explore and communicate with customers anytime.

Here we unfold some main aspects where SMS can be used:

BulkSMS is a flexible service that can be used in various ways to get in touch with your customers and update them with your latest offers and any other activity.


Many people prefer to book their table in advance to stay away from the last minute effort. For such customers SMS is an easiest and convenient way to reserve their place in advance.

Reservation Reminders:

You can send reminder messages to such people who have already book their place in advance; this message contains details such as timings & table number.

Keep Customers Updated:

SMS is a best technology to interact and update your audience about your most recent activity. It’s reliable and received to targeted audience promptly. You can send about special menus, any upcoming event, special offers, discount coupons etc through SMS. This will give your customers a personal feel and increase your sales in the same time.

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Author: Anand Kewaliya